Michelle Ruest

Clif Cleaveland
Vice Chair

Tim Kelly
Vice Chair

Ansley Moses

Julie Stowe

Meaghan Jones


Lakweshia Ewing
Tom Glenn
Stacy Johnson
Barry Large
Travis Lytle
James McKissic
Ward Nelson
Gladys Pineda-Loher
Tiffanie Robinson
Rachel Schulson
Lacie Stone
Julie Stowe
Elizabeth Williams

Maeghan Jones


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Fundraising – Annual and Planned Giving, Administration, Consulting with donors, nonprofits and wealth advisors. Community Leadership.

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Marisa Ogles

Vice President, Donor Services and Engagement
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Consults with donors and their families to determine their philanthropic values and vision. Ensures adherence to those values and vision in all philanthropic endeavors. Maintains consistent and meaningful donor stewarship through communications, listening sessions and events. 

Rebecca Underwood

Vice President, Finance and Administration
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 Management of accounting and financial systems, reporting and budgeting. Office operation, property management and information systems. Administration of payroll and benefit programs and records.

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Chris Kealey

Finance & Administration Associate
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Assists in management of accounting and financial systems through the processing of gifts and grants. Assists in implementing policies and procedures for effective office operation.

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Robin Posey

Director of Programs
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Coordinates the grant-making programs from the Fund for Chattanooga. Serves as liaison to nonprofit organizations, and where appropriate, provides technical assistance to nonprofit organizations.

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Rebecca Suttles

Director of Scholarships
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Coordinates the scholarship program including the Together We Can Fund.

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Shay Spurgin

Administrative Assistant
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Supplies support to board and staff focusing on all aspects of the Foundation's mission.

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Marsha Sturm

Executive Assistant
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Provides administrative support to the members of the senior staff, including the President, VP of Finance and Administration and VP of Donor Services.