"We impress people with a lot of our technology, a lot of our electronics, but the real beauty, the real benefits the community receives is the ongoing human transactions between our staff and the individuals they support." - Rick Rader, Director of The Morton J. Kent Rehabilitation Center

How to Create a Named Fund with the CFGC:

  1. Contact us. We’ll meet with you to outline your charitable goals.
  2. Name the fund. We’ll help you write a purpose statement for the fund you wish to create.
  3. We’ll establish the fund with an initial minimum gift of $5,000.
  4. Review and sign a fund agreement we’ll prepare for you that explains the use(s) of their fund.
  5. Choose an investment pool for the new fund and begin making grants. 

Our staff is here to help you develop and execute the goals of your fund and to complete all the administrative grant making steps.

Benefits of Giving to the Community Foundation:

  • For administrative and investment purposes, we pool contributions, lowering any costs to the donor and lowering our management costs.
  • Our professional staff relieves the donor of administrative worries and ensures continuity and responsibility.
  • Donating to CFGC provides the donor with the highest level of tax deductible giving available.
  • Because we exist for your client, we offer donor flexibility: donors can give to a named fund or anonymously; donors can give in general or to highly specific areas; donors can also give modestly or generously; donors can even create their own fund or build one over time.
  • All of our funds are living memorials to their donors; they are intended to carry out donors’ charitable interests beyond their lifetimes.