Community Kitchen

"If you can provide the right support to the homeless and teach them to help themselves, they become productive, self-sufficient members of the community. That makes us all greater." - Jens Christensen, Chattanooga Community Kitchen

For Grant Seekers / Non-Profits

The Foundation created the Open Grants process to encourage, inspire, and improve lives in the community of Greater Chattanooga. Through innovative and effective grant making and stewardship, our goals are:

  • To encourage innovation in both those who give and those who receive
  • To build a lasting foundation of support in our community by pooling the people and funds that will make Chattanooga greater, and in turn make our world greater
  • To recognize and celebrate the positive impact of diversity in creating a greater Chattanooga.

Availability of Funding

The Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga manages a variety of philanthropic funds for the community. Among these funds is the Foundation’s unrestricted fund, the Fund for Chattanooga. This is the primary fund to which nonprofit organizations may apply for grants.

The Fund for Chattanooga is governed by the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors, a group composed of committed and thoughtful men and women. From the Board, a Program Committee is selected to govern the Foundation’s grant-making process.

The Committee reviews grant applications three (3) times per year, and accepts applications in two funding areas: Program Development and Capital Expenditure. The Foundation is able to consider only one application per Funding Area from the same organization per calendar year. The maximum request for each application is $20,000.

The Community Foundation welcomes applications from organizations with 501(c)(3) status that provide services in Hamilton County or primarily serve Hamilton County residents.