Investment Performance

Donors creating a fund at the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, Inc. can choose to participate in one of the Foundation's investment pools. Below are the investment objectives and performance of the available pools.

Long-term Investment Pool (LTI)

Investment Objective: The primary investment objective of the Long-term Investment Pool (LTI) is to maximize total return in real terms over a long time period while minimizing the possibility of permanent loss of capital. The intent is to preserve the purchasing power of grants and portfolio values based on the current spending policies of funds participating in the pool. LTI holds a large portion of the Foundation’s total assets including the Foundation’s unrestricted endowment, the Fund for Chattanooga, and other endowment funds seeking long-term (over 10 years) performance.

Management of LTI: Stewardship of these valuable community assets is the responsibility of the Foundations Investment Committee. The committee’s responsibilities include the determination of target allocation, selection of asset classes and managers, rebalancing of assets and performance evaluation. The Investment Committee contracted the investment consulting services of Memphis-based Gerber/Taylor Associates, Inc. in 1995. Gerber/Taylor has approximately 100 clients who have over $18 billion in combined assets.

Asset and Investment Performance as of 3/31/17:

Assets in Pool A: $80,252,957

Number of Funds Participating in LTI: 149 (of 356)



1Q 2017

3 year
5  year
  10    year
Returns for LTI


Returns for Index (60% S&P 500 -40% BBgBarc Aggregate)



Calendar Returns for LTI

2016     4.8%
 2015      -3.0%
2014      4.8%
2013     18.8%
2012    12.1%
2011   -0.02%
2010   12.83%
2009  24.17%
2008  -22.49%
2007  12.14%
2006   17.98%
 2005   10.80%
2004   12.77%
2003   19.17%
2002   -4.05%

Calendar Returns for LTI since inception (9/1/96) 7.7%



Intermediate Term Investment Pool (ITI) 

Investment Objective: The primary objective of the Intermediate Term Investment Pool (ITI) is growth through capital appreciation using proper asset class diversification. The portfolio use of fixed income is for diversification purposes with little consideration toward income. The portfolio uses exchange-traded funds (ETFs) among different asset classes and sub-classes having differing investment styles. The portfolio is currently allocated 75% in equities and 25% in fixed income. The ETF Moderate Growth Portfolio is intended for investors with high levels of risk tolerance and a long-term investment horizon.

Investment Manager: The investment committee of the foundation has chosen FTB Advisors, Inc. to manage ITI. FTB Advisors is a registered investment company focused on managing investment portfolios for clients in the private, corporate and public sectors. FTB Advisors is responsible for over $4 billion in client assets.

Assets and Performance:

ITI: began as offering January 1, 2017

1Q 2017YTD
1 Year
3 Year
5 Year
Returns for ITI

*75% MSCI World , 25% Barclays Capital Intermediate US G/C

Short-term Investment Pool 

Investment Objective: The primary investment objective of the Short-term Investment Pool (STI) is the preservation of assets. This option is chosen by donors for short-term, non-endowed Donor-Advised Funds and also for many of the project funds held by the Foundation. Donors who choose STI seek to preserve their charitable assets and are not interested in the growth strategies due to the risks associated.

Management of STI: STI is held at First Tennessee Bank with the underlying investment in the FTB Deposit account. Funds deposited in the FTB Deposit Account are generally eligible for deposit insurance by the FDIC up to a total of $250,000 principal and accrued interest. Amounts over $250,000 invested in the FTB Deposit Account are collateralized by U.S. Government or Agency securities. The Fund seeks to obtain as high a level of current income as is consistent with the preservation of principal and liquidity within the limitations prescribed for the fund.

Asset and Investment Performance as of 3/31/17:

Assets in STI: $8,396,626
Number of Funds Participating in STI: 208 (of 356)


Returns for STI as of 3/17: 0.1142%

STI was moved to a new investment in November 2016. 

1Q 2017
1 Year
3 Year
5 Year
Returns for STI

Investment Performance information is unaudited and subject to revision.