"Over 250 children are encouraged to learn and to go as far as they can in life, thanks to the teachers of Signal Centers and the Community Foundation." - Signal Centers Children


CFGC resources and experience enable donors to avoid the costly undertaking of creating and maintaining a private or corporate foundation as well establishing grants and scholarships.

Community foundations are unique in the world of philanthropy. Although created to address issues within a certain geographic area, through grantmaking from the foundation's endowment, community foundations also serve as vehicles for all citizens to impact the region's future. Unlike private or corporate foundations that are endowed by a particular person, family or business, a community foundation holds funds contributed by many individuals and businesses that see the value of pooling their assets with fellow citizens to improve the community.

Additionally, donors may contribute to the Foundation's Fund for Chattanooga. The Foundation's Board distributes these unrestricted assets through a grantmaking process to address the greatest needs in the community.

Donors may also contribute to a restricted fund within the Foundation. The Foundation has restricted funds and each has a different charitable purpose and a different base of local citizens building its assets. Examples include: Donor-Advised Funds, Field of Interest Funds, Agency Funds, Project Funds, Designated Funds, Scholarship Funds and Pass Through Funds.

How to Give

Now that you’ve seen all the ways we can help your clients touch the community of Greater Chattanooga, it’s time to help them decide where they would like to direct their donations.

Here’s our complete list of existing funds. If your client can’t find a resource that meets their specific area of interest, we welcome suggestions or invite you and your client to talk with us about creating a fund.

Every donor is unique and has goals he or she wishes to accomplish. Many donors give during their lifetime or create a bequest in their will. The Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, Inc. (CFGC) has many different options to help donors accomplish their charitable goals.

The Foundation's staff is available to assist you and your client develop the goals for their fund, as well as completing all administrative tasks associated with grantmaking.

Please contact us here to set up an appointment.