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June 4, 2021

Austin Hatcher Foundation: Education Advancement Center

Grants for Good

The mission of the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer is to erase the cognitive effects of pediatric cancer and optimize each child’s quality of life through essential specialized intervention beginning at the time of diagnosis and continuing through survivorship. All services are offered at no cost.

Due to young age at diagnosis and associated treatments, approximately 70% of pediatric cancer survivors suffer serious long-term effects impacting organ function, growth and development, and reproductive outcomes. Similarly, 40% to 100% of all pediatric cancer survivors experience neuropsychological dysfunction due to the toxic nature of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  Caregivers are also impacted by the child’s disease through increased susceptibility to post-traumatic stress disorder and siblings often report increased feelings of anxiety, frustration and isolation leading to behavioral and academic issues.

To combat these statistics and to better serve the hundreds of families from Chattanooga and the greater Southeastern region currently accessing Foundation services, the Austin Hatcher Foundation has recently relocated to a 6,000 sq. foot facility located 1.5 miles from Erlanger’s Children’s Hospital and UTC’s College of Medicine. The new, enlarged space has allowed for the build out of the Foundation’s Education Advancement Center. Programs offered at the Center include: Industrial Arts, tutoring, neuro-cognitive testing and remediation, and other specialty programs designed to optimize the child and their families’ recovery.  The goal of the Center being to treat and improve the child’s behavioral, memory, coordination and learning deficits that result from cancer and it’s treatment while simultaneously providing support for the child’s siblings and parents via coaching, counseling, purposeful play and PCIT (parent child interactive therapy).

Funds will be used to complete the build out of the Center which includes the creation of an industrial arts space, a driving simulation program, the development of PCIT therapy and neuro-cognitive testing rooms, a family purposeful play area, installation of a wheelchair lift and equipment for and modification of the tutoring area.

Request Amount: $20,000
Community Foundation Grant: $15,000
Funding Gap: $5,000