June 4, 2021

CADAS: Ropes Course Rebuild

Grants for Good

The Council for Alcohol and Drug Abuse (CADAS) is committed to delivering the highest quality treatment, prevention and education services to the chemically dependent, their families and the community at large, regardless of their ability to pay. The only nonprofit treatment facility in the region, CADAS serves approximately 2,500 clients annually and provides a critical resource for those struggling with addiction and their families.

Each year, CADAS serves an average of 200 adolescents at the Scholze Center: a 40 bed inpatient residential and intensive outpatient program. Ninety-five percent of the adolescents served at the Center struggle with some type of co-occurring or trauma-related disorder.  Licensed counselors at the Center utilize an outdoor ropes course to help these adolescents regain and rebuild trust with others, strengthen problem-solving skills and increase healthy coping and emotional regulation skills.

Research shows that participation in ropes courses within a therapeutic setting helps adolescents to overcome fears, expand their comfort zone, accept feelings, improve self-awareness and self-confidence, increase trust in others and self and create a more positive life outlook. Through utilization of the ropes course, adolescents at the Scholze Center learn the value of teamwork and working well with others. Because the course is experiential in nature, it oftentimes reaches youth otherwise uninterested in participating in treatment.

A few years ago, the CADAS ropes course was struck by lightning rendering the equipment on the course unstable and therefore unusable.  CADAS is seeking funding to assist in rebuilding this therapeutic tool.  To date, the organization has fundraised for over half of the project total and are seeking the remaining gap funding to allow for construction and completion of the course in 2018.

Total Project Cost: $46,531
Secured Funding: $26,531
Funding Gap: $20,000