College Quad

June 4, 2021

Campus Life and Student Success

It's a Balancing Act

Whether you are commuting or live on campus, adjusting to life in college can be a challenge. From large classes to living in a dorm each new experience provides opportunities to learn more about yourself and how to become a successful student and individual. Browse the sections below to learn more about the student experience and what to expect in college.

College Classes

When entering your college classes you will find some big differences compared to High School. Some of which include:

Flexible schedule and ability to choose classes on your own
Attendance is not required for most classes, but it may factor into your final grade
Additional studying is required – up to 30/40 hours each week
Assignments and readings are completed on your own
Classes are often larger and more diverse

Registering for Classes

Registering for your class each semester can be stressful and sometimes competitive. When choosing classes keep your schedule realistic and if you are not a morning person avoid scheduling your classes early when possible.

Before registering for your classes make sure there are no outstanding balances on your student account
Popular and general education classes fill up fast: have back up courses ready in case!
Keep all your information handy, including major and graduation requirements, scholarship and financial aid letters and tax information

Deciding on a Major

Take your time when deciding on what to major in and try to avoid staying with a field of study if you no longer enjoy what you are learning.

Not having a major when starting school is very normal
During your first year take a variety of courses that seem interesting
Attend student group meetings for different majors
Talk to someone in your campus career development center, professors, academic advisors and department heads
Volunteer with departments, students groups and in your college community to learn more about different jobs
Find something you are passionate about!

Student Success

Being a successful student can take a lot of time and effort. It is important to know that what works for you does not work for someone else. Try to avoid comparing your study habits to others.

Go to class and let your professor know who you are within the first week
Stay organized and manage your time: avoid procrastinating and invest in a planner
If you prefer to study with others find a study group
Take advantage of the resources your school offers; tutors, writing centers, counseling services
If something is not going well do not be afraid to ask for help or support
Find a place on campus where you are most comfortable studying
Read your course syllabus!! This is your road-map for planning out the semester
More tips for success


Your campus book store will have all the books you will need but, it is often more expensive than renting or buying books online.

Renting textbooks is usually the cheapest way to get your books
Students who have taken the same course a previous semester may also sell you their books
Options for purchasing or renting online (Kindle’s Lending Library allows MEMBERS to check out e-books for free (great site for English majors. Members means you have to join Amazon Prime…$49 for college students)