June 4, 2021

Mark Making: Leadership and Innovation for Teens

Grants for Good

Mark Making empowers individuals and transforms communities through the arts. The Leadership and Innovation for Teens (LIFT) program, in partnership with Scenic City Angels, will provide a six-month entrepreneurial and career-readiness after-school and summer program for urban middle school youth in East Chattanooga.

The cause of long-term poverty is typically identified as a lack of opportunity–inadequate educational opportunities, inadequate job training, inability to afford or find child care, inadequate transportation or discrimination. The corresponding solution is to supply opportunities, like the LIFT program, that address discrimination and lack of opportunity through the provision of entrepreneurial training and programming.

Teachers and mentors will guide students in transforming their business ideas into viable business plans through the creation of artistic products or services. A partnership with the Chattanooga Public Library will allow students to then sell their products on consignment via Ebay, thereby providing the students with ancillary income.   The primary goals of the program are to help students learn practical business skills while teaching them adaptability, persistence and problem-solving skills.

Request Amount: $20,000
Community Foundation Grant: $10,000
Funding Gap: $10,000