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June 4, 2021

Nooga Chat Book Club

Grants for Good

Through a partnership between Brainerd High School and The Howard School the Nooga Chat Book Club works to build connections across communities through reading and conversation. The book club offers students, faculty, and community members the opportunity to engage in conversations around contemporary young adult literature. Students at each school will read the same books–selected by a team of student leaders–and then generate discussion questions related both to the text itself and larger issues of identity and social justice. Every student reads the selected books in their English/Language Arts class throughout the school. Over the course of a school year students will read four different books. Once a semester there will be a combined book discussion with students from each high school that alternates between being hosted at Brainerd or Howard.

Since beginning this program last semester, teachers at Howard reported students being more engaged in their English/Language Arts courses during the time where Nooga Chat books were taught. By inviting community members to participate in the book club discussions, students are able to build stronger connections to our community while developing a love for reading.  As a result, not only do traditionally reluctant readers become more engaged, but test scores improve.

Request Amount: $20,000
Community Foundation Grant: $15,000
Funding Gap: $5,000