June 4, 2021

Signal Centers: Building a Resilient Community

Grants for Good

Signal Centers strengthens children, adults, and families through services focusing on disabilities, early childhood education, and self-sufficiency. Signal Centers has found that using a two-generation, trauma-informed approach offers the best support to help families move from coping to thriving, and from crisis to stability.  In an effort to better serve the children and families seeking care at their facility, Signal Centers is seeking funding to provide additional education and training for their staff on the types of trauma known to cause both short and long-term social-emotional and physical issues in developing children.

Staff will be trained to recognize the signs of children who suffer from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, neglect, a family member with a mental health or substance abuse issues, poverty, and systemic discrimination.  Training will also provide staff with the tools needed to ensure that children suffering from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), get the support and help they need to continue to learn and develop on par with their peers.

One of the primary tenets of trauma informed care is empathy. Staff are encouraged to involve families in the process of designing support structures for their children dealing with trauma whenever possible.  Through recognition and the development of targeted interventions, Signal Center’s staff will be able negate the impact of the trauma on the child’s long-term success.

Request Amount: $15,000
Community Foundation Grant: $10,000
Funding Gap: $5,000