June 4, 2021

Urban League: Inclusion by Design

Grants for Good

The Urban League’s Inclusion By Design Executive Leadership Program is one of the core strategies of the organization, focused on promoting inclusive opportunities for high-level career advancement, building a stronger pipeline of minority and female leaders within corporate environments in Chattanooga.

The program is designed to enhance the impact of the Urban League of Chattanooga’s (ULGC) Inclusion by Design Executive Leadership Program (IBD). The ULGC launched the IBD program in 2017 to help prepare minority and female leaders for future executive roles. The program equips those future leaders with additional knowledge and skills to function successfully in an executive assignment and to navigate gender, racial, and cultural biases. The program was designed in collaboration with Milestone Leadership—one of the premiere executive leadership development providers in the country.

In 2018 alone, the program had a successful second year, with ten graduates representing several companies and civic organizations, including EPB, Unum, BlueCross BlueShield, Tennessee American Water, First Tennessee Bank, Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union, Community Foundation, TVA, and the Urban League. In the year to come, the ULGC will continue the program in 2020, recruiting a cohort of 10-12 high-potential minority and/or female leaders from various corporate, non-profit, and civic agencies in Chattanooga.

The long-term goal of the program is to directly address the issues of career advancement for women and minorities by establishing career-minded individuals with a personal leadership philosophy and best practices. Furthermore, they are equipped with the knowledge and language to advocate for cultural diversity and tackle implicit and explicit bias.

Request Amount: $20,000
Community Foundation Grant: $15,000
Funding Gap: $5,000