June 4, 2021

What We Do

At the Community Foundation, we are experienced grant makers and thoughtful partners in generosity. We serve as a navigator for donors’ philanthropic journeys, helping guide them and their families. We offer a wide range of services, each tailored to the specific needs of our fundholders.

From individualized philanthropic planning to non-profit due diligence, donors rely on our team to help them make the best decisions. We offer a variety of investment vehicles that allow donor gifts to be as hands-on or as flexible as desired.

We believe that no two donors are alike, which is why we work to create a personal values statement based on interviews and strategic planning sessions that allow us to create a customized giving plan that is appropriate for the goals and interests of the donor.

The Community Foundation will help cultivate and inform a donor’s passions in their chosen area of interest, providing unique and specialized perspectives on how to maximize their impact.

In 2018 alone, our donors provided $21 million in grants to local non-profits. These gifts have supported a variety of critical services in our community, from a fund dedicated to assisting uninsured patients seeking care at a community clinic to a partnership that is working to help residents with mental disabilities break out of the prison-to-hospital cycle.

In addition to donor-advised funds, we also maintain a permanently endowed fund—the Fund for Chattanooga. It provides us with the capacity to respond to our community’s most pressing challenges, now and in the future. This fund is the living legacy of hundreds of gifts from donors who believe in the Community Foundation’s leadership, values, and expertise.

Across all of our work, at the Community Foundation love and action meet to help build a more prosperous and compassionate place to call home.