February 27, 2023

Advisor Stories: Dana Perry

As an elder law attorney, Dana Perry has helped families plan for their futures for more than 25 years.

She understands that estate planning is a unique mix of strategy and creativity — which is why she chooses to partner with the Community Foundation.

Dana often works with clients to effectuate their charitable giving goals. In many instances, she encourages those clients to bring the Foundation into the picture, so they can clarify and refine their objectives, and then create a framework for implementing their wishes. She says the Foundation provides a “safe space” for her clients, where they can test out ideas and receive feedback on their charitable giving plans.

Ultimately, the Foundation enhances Dana’s efficiency as professional advisor, and that benefits both Dana and her clients. When a client includes a gift to a donor advised fund in his/her Will, for example, he can work directly with the Foundation to design the fund in a separate document — which means that Will amendments are not necessary every time the plan is refined.

“The Foundation is creative, responsive and interested in meeting clients where they are in their charitable giving process,” Dana says. “They are a catalyst for giving and a force for positive change in Chattanooga.”