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Professional advisors are key partners in our work to transform generosity into impact in our local community. We’re proud to be an expert in local philanthropy, and we offer many personalized services to help bring value to your clients.

We Transform Generosity

We know that the relationship with your client is essential. That’s why we offer our donors the flexibility to recommend an external Investment Advisor to manage their charitable assets while we put our knowledge to work to maximize the impact of your client’s generosity.

  • More Value for your Clients

    The individuals and families you serve gain access to a highly tailored and informed philanthropic experience, transforming their passions into purpose.
  • Stronger Relationships with Client Families

    Engaging families through philanthropic giving creates stronger, longer-lasting relationships with their professional advisors across multiple generations.
  • You Manage the Funds

    Our Individually Managed Funds program allows you and your client to create a customized approach to charitable planning that keeps charitable assets under the management of their trusted advisor.
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Stewarding a legacy of generosity

At the Community Foundation, we believe in the power of generosity to transform the giver, the recipient and the community. We are grateful to live in a community with a deep legacy of philanthropy and a culture of giving.

This legacy is perpetuated by generous individuals and families who choose to give back to the community they love. As professional advisors, you play a vital role in stewarding our community’s legacy of generosity.

Whether the gift is $25,000 or $25,000,000, we know that it is the result of conversations with skilled advisors who ask the right questions and offer expert advice. We want to support your charitable planning work by partnering with you to offer your clients local philanthropic expertise and customized giving experiences that allow them to have a meaningful impact on the causes they care most about.

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Preparing for the Future

Working with the Community Foundation strengthens your client relationships, even when wealth transfers.

According to a study on wealth management by McKinsey & Company, over 70 percent of women will change their advisor within a year of their partner passing. That means competitive firms will need to have a much more systematic approach to serving and retaining their female clients and the next generation as wealth transfers.

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Leave a Legacy

Working with the Community Foundation, your clients can leave a lasting legacy  that supports the causes they care about the most. We have the experience and the local knowledge to steward your client’s legacy.

A Field of Interest Fund allows you and your client to curate a meaningful legacy focused on the issues and causes that move them the most, whether that is supporting our environment, vulnerable women and children, education, healthcare, or a specific geographic area.

Viewed by many as a hassle free alternative to creating a private foundation, the Field of Interest Fund is easy to establish and effortless to maintain. This fund is ideal for donors who wish to create a permanent source of funding for the causes they care most about.

Make a deferred gift or bequest

Contact us for language for your client’s will. For funds with a purpose more specific than unrestricted charitable purposes, be sure to discuss that purpose with our staff prior to executing your client’s will.

Work with us

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    Reach out and let us help you determine the right fund type for your client.
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    Receive fund agreement form.
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    Determine a fund name.
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    Identify the types of assets your client is giving (i.e. cash, stock, real estate, etc.).
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    Determine the fund’s purpose and scope.
    Note: if your client wants to support community needs both now and in the future, the Fund for Chattanooga might be the best option.
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    Sign and date agreement.
Work with Us

“High-net-worth families want a customized, comprehensive wealth plan that includes philanthropy. The Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga allows you to build and foster a relationship with clients while helping them realize their charitable goals.”

Forrest Simmons

Senior Wealth Advisor

Make a lasting impact in Chattanooga

The Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga is excited to help you and your client get started on their charitable journey. We are ready to support your work as a professional advisor by giving you the options you need to make the best decision for your client, fostering lasting family relationships, and keeping you engaged and involved in the process.

If you are ready to help your client make a lasting impact in Chattanooga, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Caroline von Kessler

vp of philanthropy
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VP of Philanthropy