February 27, 2023

Advisor Stories: Ray Ryan

Ray Ryan, Professional Advisor

Ray Ryan thinks of investments as mosaics. He doesn’t take credit for the metaphor, it’s part of the training to earn the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, but it’s a powerful image: a work of art made by assembling small pieces together. Each piece plays a part, but the whole is more than the sum of its parts. When assembled with expertise and grace, it can become something beautiful.

For Ryan and his colleagues at investment advisory firm Patten and Patten, however the concept goes beyond investing.

“We believe that the concept goes beyond investment selections, to the entire financial needs of the client. After all, every client deserves a customized approach.”

"High net worth families want a customized investment approach that includes philanthropy."

In an industry where efforts are being made to automate and disintermediate financial advising, largely through technology, there is risk of a loss of personal connection between the advisor and the client. Some clients want efficiency and low-touch approach to money management, but others value a service-oriented, personalized relationship.

“I try to avoid use of popular buzzwords like ‘holistic’, but high net worth families want that kind of approach. And in order to be comprehensive, it must include a philanthropic component.”

So Patten and Patten is always on the lookout for trustworthy, reliable solutions — and, in particular, for local partners. It is a way to close the distance between the client and giving opportunities, for the betterment of the Chattanooga community.

"We need to be able to refer our clients to a solution that we trust."

The Community Foundation’s professionalism, proficient administrative platform, and commitment to helping preserve and shape a better Chattanooga for all make it an ideal partner for Ryan and the firm. Both are committed to understanding what makes each client unique, how their values and passions align with the opportunities that their resources make possible.