February 27, 2023

Ashley and Ward Davenport: Giving Runs in the Family

For the Davenports, the importance of giving back is a lesson passed from generation to generation – one taught early, often, and in earnest. As young people, Ashley and Ward were surrounded by the philanthropic examples of their elders who gave their time, energy, and attention as well as treasure. The last two years have reinforced the importance of these early lessons by placing the opportunities to support vulnerable communities under a microscope.

Already in the habit of dedicating time to the causes they care about, they’re doubling down on their commitment to do the hands-on work of philanthropy.

The Davenports trust the community expertise of the Foundation to
facilitate relationships that make that work possible, introducing them to new organizations, ideas, and opportunities to engage. Now with three children of their own, the couple sees the power of generosity in the next generation as their oldest daughter encourages them to join her volunteering at the Chattanooga Community Kitchen with more opportunities on the way.