February 27, 2023

Candy Kruesi

Karen “Candy” Kruesi grew up in a Jewish family committed to the tradition of Tzedakah. Emphasized in Judaism as an important part of living a spiritual life, Tzedakah is the religious commitment to do what is right and just. It is a sacred duty that guides the charitable activities of many in the Jewish faith.

“In this tradition, my family met regularly to make decisions about charitable gifts we believed would improve our community. We prioritized organizations that were accessible to the public, and those which did not have access to other significant funding sources,” notes Candy.

Steeped in this family tradition of generosity, Candy has created a Field of Interest fund at the Community Foundation. A Field of Interest fund allows donors to support the causes that matter the most to them in perpetuity. These funds provide grant dollars that can be deployed to meet community needs that arise in the chosen focus area over time. Candy chose several focus areas which reflect her diverse passions and the enduring legacy she is building to support them.

Candy recognizes the Community Foundation as the best place for endowed gifts in Greater Chattanooga, saying “I have absolute faith in the Foundation to be the caretaker of my gift and ensure the needs I care about are addressed for generations to come.” By working closely with the Foundation’s experienced staff and using the variety of donor tools made available to her and her professional advisor, Candy was able to structure the perfect gift to support the things she cares about most, while carrying on her family’s charitable traditions. “I love working with the staff here,” she continues. “I would encourage others who are inspired to leave a lasting legacy through philanthropy to get to know the team and resources at the Foundation.”

It is Candy’s vision of a community well served and her confidence in the Community Foundation to be her advocate in generosity that inspired her to establish a Field of Interest fund. This permanent fund will be housed at the Community Foundation, making Candy’s generosity timeless.

To learn more about planned giving vehicles that enable you to support the causes and the community you care about in perpetuity, contact us.