February 27, 2023

Donor Stories: Alison Lebovitz

Over the years, Alison Lebovitz has experienced the Community Foundation from every angle: as a board member, as a program committee chair and as a donor.

Like many donors, her philanthropic work isn’t limited to the Foundation: she currently serves on multiple nonprofit boards in a variety of roles. Driven by her faith and her family, Alison is committed to fighting for equality, equity and justice in Chattanooga — which makes it hard to say no to the many causes that align with her passions. Which is why she says yes to the Foundation, over and over again.

“Having a fund at the Community Foundation is a no-brainer,” Alison says. “It’s helped us manage our philanthropic calendar.”

Alison was drawn to the Foundation because of its nimble and dynamic approach to making change in Chattanooga. Credibility was an important part of her decision to become a donor: she felt confident in the Foundation’s ability to manage funds wisely, effectively and efficiently — and to to disburse those funds in a way that creates measurable results.

Working with and through the Foundation, Alison can strategically leverage her time and resources to make a meaningful impact on every issue that is close to her heart.

“I learned how to be a discriminating, thoughtful philanthropist from the Community Foundation: to give through the heart, and to filter through the intellect.”