February 27, 2023

Donor Stories: The Stowe Family

When Julie and Patrick Stowe moved to Chattanooga in 2011, they wanted to become involved in supporting good work in the city, but did not have the familiarity with the community to know how best to engage.

Julie, who has a background in communications and marketing, was introduced to the Community Foundation through a friend and — fast forward a few years later — was invited to join the Board of Trustees where she served first as Chair of the Program Committee and later as Chair of the Board.

"We’re so lucky to have the Foundation as an informed partner to help direct our giving."

“Serving on the Program Committee was like getting a Masters degree in Community Impact,” she said. “Not only do we gain exposure to many of the non-profit and educational initiatives here in town, we also try our best to thoughtfully foster, support, and magnify the wonderful efforts being made to improve life for all Chattanoogans.”

As they saw the support that the Foundation offers not only to charitable work, but also to its donors, the Stowes decided to set up their own Donor Advised Fund. As a family, they support several non-profits on an ongoing basis, as well as tap the knowledge of the Foundation staff to identify immediate and compelling needs in the community.

“The Foundation provided us with tools and guidance, to help identify our family’s philanthropic goals and then put those goals into action with confidence."

“By serving as an advocate, constantly identifying community needs, as well as vetting and funding non-profit partners, the Foundation has been a wonderful partner,” said Julie. “Our Donor Advised Fund is an efficient vehicle for planning and giving, and it avails us to all the passion and knowledge this organization has accumulated over many decades of community leadership. We so appreciate their support and value their role in helping to inform our giving.”