February 27, 2023

James McKissic and Shane Morrow: The Here and Now

James McKissic and Shane Morrow give from the root of philanthropy – a love of humankind. With this motivation, the couple pours into their community by devoting
their treasure, time, energy, and voices to the people and causes they care about – taking a comprehensive approach.

Giving individually and as members of Sankofa, James and Shane have felt the regular adjustments that come with a focus on the present. One of the greatest of these adjustments came in 2020 after the loss of their nephew, Langston, who they helped raise from childhood. At the time of his death, Langston – a lifelong learner, community servant, and student of Black history – was pursuing a Master’s Degree in History at Tennessee State University.

In response to this great loss and to honor Langston’s memory, James and Shane started the Langston D. Carter Memorial at the Community Foundation. The scholarship, led by his sister Zora, supports other Black scholars interested in history.

James and Shane also lead two of our nonprofit partner organizations – ArtsBuild and RISE Chattanooga, respectively and are founding members of Sankofa.