October 26, 2023

The Vaughans

“My grandmother had an ‘open door policy’ when it came to helping those in need,” explains Trae Vaughan when asked about the people who shaped his thinking about giving. He also points to colleague and mentor Mark Brock’s belief in “giving until it hurts.” The influence of beloved friends and family prompted Trae and his wife, Michelle, to give more serious thought to how they could help others. 

The Vaughans are working closely with the Foundation’s team to align their values with local nonprofit organizations. Their initial curiosity has deepened into an eagerness to learn more about how they can effectively support neighbors.

In addition to being a useful vehicle for managing their own giving strategies, their donor-advised fund (DAF) at the Foundation is also a tool for sharing these lessons and values with their children. Their goal is to pass forward a sense of what it means to be a good citizen, a responsible steward of resources, and a thoughtful contributor to the community in more ways than one. 

As Michelle puts it, "We look to the Community Foundation to help us...find opportunities to build community with other families and teach our kids about it.”

In this way, Michelle and Trae are not only doing good right now, but they are also honoring the people who have inspired and influenced them so much - and in doing that, making sure that a strong legacy of learning and giving is passed forward to another generation.