CFGC x Scenic Roots: Onramps For Opportunity Through “Together, We Can”

Here’s how the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga describes its mission: “...to transform generosity into lasting change toward a prosperous and just Chattanooga where all can thrive and achieve their full potential.” Scholarships are part of that mission - and “Together We Can” is one of the most successful scholarship programs at the Foundation. For thirty years, “Together We Can” has provided scholarships to eligible public high school seniors in the Chattanooga area - targeting college students who are first-generation or otherwise in need. We’ve brought you a few voices from the program last year - and now, we bring you a few more: Dr. Stephanie Young is the Foundation’s Director of Scholarships. Tobey Carpenter is a member of the “Together We Can” scholarship committee. Kamilah Jones is a “Together We Can” recipient, now attending USC in Los Angeles.

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