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Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) - Your client recommends grants based on their priorities, while keeping anonymity (if desired) and convenient access to fund and grant tracking, all at a significantly lower cost and with potentially greater tax benefits than establishing a private foundation.

Open a Donor-Advised Fund

To open a donor advised fund at the community foundation we will need the following documents completed and returned to the Foundation: DAF Application and DAF Agreement. If your client is opening a fund over $250,000 and you are interested in managing the assets through our Individually Managed Fund program please complete the following forms. If you have questions, please contact Rebecca Underwood runderwood@cfgc.org.

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Legacy Planning prepares your client to create a philanthropic legacy that will meet the needs of our community far into the future—needs that may not even exist at this moment.

Legacy Planning

Understanding the experiences that shaped your clients' values is critically important to us, and we’ll work closely with them to ensure those values live on in the gifts you make. Creating a letter of instruction will serve to permanently guide the Foundation in honoring their intentions and achieving the impact they wish to have in perpetuity.

Available Investment Pools

Long-term Investment Pool

This Pool would be appropriate for donors who have a long-term objective and are comfortable with periodic volatility.

Short-term Investment Pool

This Pool would be appropriate for donors for whom capital preservation and current income are the primary objectives.

Indexed Growth Pools

This Pool would be appropriate for donors who have a long-term objective, are comfortable with periodic volatility, but would prefer access to low cost index funds.

SRI Pools

SRI refers to “Socially Responsible Investing”. This pool would be appropriate for donors who have a long-term objective, are comfortable with periodic volatility, and seek to align their investments with certain values.

Individually Managed Funds (“IMF”) Program

Under CFGC’s IMF Program, donors have the option to retain the services of a preferred advisor for their fund. Assets would not be commingled with other donors.

Wiring Instructions

If you would like to contribute to one of our funds as a one-time or recurring gift, simply contact your bank or online banking and provide the following information.

Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, Inc.

1400 Williams Street
Chattanooga, TN 37408

  1. Account Number
    You designate the fund you would like your contribution to go to.
  2. Frequency
    You decide.
  3. Amount
    You decide.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at (423) 265-0586.

Make a lasting impact in Chattanooga

The Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga is excited to help you and your client get started on their charitable journey. We are ready to support your work as a professional advisor by giving you the options you need to make the best decision for your client, fostering lasting family relationships, and keeping you engaged and involved in the process.

If you are ready to help your client make a lasting impact in Chattanooga, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Caroline von Kessler

vp of philanthropy
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